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made in leeds: dots printhaus

made in leeds: dots printhaus


Dots PrintHaus are dynamic duo – Joe Duffield and Jonny Akers who work incredibly hard to bring us people of Leeds a constantly evolving supply of Leeds designed and made T-shirts.  Based in the emerging creative hub of Mabgate these guys are constantly collaborating to push their brand forward.

Made in Leeds Spotlight – MabgateDots PrintHauswww.dotsprint.co.ukKodak T-shirt £20

Tell us about Dots PrintHaus

Dots Printhaus as a brand started as a bit of fun, and was used mainly to house designs that we didn’t really want to put on our own labels. As it’s grown over the past year it’s now home to over ten different artists all with a number of designs under their belt. We’re continuously collaborating with other people, for example the t-shirt featured was a collaboration between ourselves and ‘Angus McDonald Photography’.

All the t-shirts are printed in our studio on Millwright Street, just out of Leeds city centre. We’ve been printing here for the past two years and registered as a business for 18 months.

Dots Printhaus was actually started by accident after myself and Joe met at a communal studio just down the road from where we are based now. After printing jobs for friends and a few local bands we decided to take things a little more serious, and so Dots Printhaus was born.

Tell us about your T-shirts

The blank garment used for this product was sourced from our main suppliers who are the largest supplier of this brand in the UK. Quite a contrast to that, the inks are sourced from a small family run print suppliers who have helped us along the way with various hurdles we’ve come across. These are the advantages of using smaller businesses to source materials, they always seem willing to help out other small businesses like you’re in the same club.

We try our best to keep all the t-shirts retailing at £20.00 as we deem this as affordable to our target market. However we do want to expand the brand in the future and launch a premium line of t-shirts, where perhaps the garments are made to specific patterns we’ve created ourselves and manufactured locally. The current economic climate doesn’t make this an appealing venture right now but something we all look forward to in the future.

Where can we buy one?

We currently sell stock on our site www.dotsprint.co.uk and ‘On the Wall’ in Leeds city centre. We also do the odd fashion fair or pop up as and when.

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