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tct 6 interview: lawrence james

tct 6 interview: lawrence james


Richard Lawrence, aka Loz James, has been on the club scene for a long time now. At The City Talking we’ve all played his mixes on repeat, partied at his residencies and purred over his super silky smooth voice; so we grabbed Loz and got him in for a quick interview to find out where he is at now.


Stacey Hicken: Aside from making hilarious Vine videos, what have you been up since we last saw you?

Loz James: Haha… aside from being mildly funny, I’ve been working hard on the club circuit every night and having the most successful year so far.

SH: Take us back to where it all began – when did you realise you wanted to DJ, and how did you break into the industry?

LJ: I’ve been obsessed with music since I can remember, and as soon as I was old enough to get into clubs (actually, a couple years before I was allowed haha) I became obsessed with the nightlife vibe; it just suited me instantly, so naturally I was always going to DJ as a hobby and fortunately it turned into a career.

SH: Who have been your biggest influences?

LJ: Alex Simmons… the man gave me my first gig, he taught me how to entertain and I owe him a lot. In terms of inspiration though Jazzy Jeff is my DJ idol, as is A-Trak and believe it or not Tim Westwood is one of my favorite DJs of all time – you can’t say he ain’t entertaining!

SH: What are you doing right now?

LJ: Like I said I’m enjoying the best year of my DJ Career so far… I’ve Played at T In The Park & V Festival, which were absolutely out of this world (you can see vids + pics on my Instagram – @djlawrencejames). In terms of residencies my nights are Monday – Maze @ Nono8 in Derby // Wednesday – Killa Disko @ The Viper Rooms in Sheffield // Thursday – Yolo @ The Viper Rooms in Harrogate // Friday – Monthly Rotating Gigs // Saturday – Limelite @ Nono8 in Derby // Sunday – The Sunday Club @ The Viper Rooms in Sheffield.

SH: What does the future look like for Loz?

LJ: Who knows? I’ve never really been about thinking, ‘where am I going to be in five years?’ I work hard and live in the present and just enjoy everything I do. I have a Music Production degree that I’ll take more advantage of the older I get, but like I say right now I’m loving what I’m doing.

SH: What’s your favourite track at the moment?

LJ: Drake – Hold On We’re Goin’ Home, or Aluna George – You Know U Like it (DJ Snake Remix)

SH: And your favourite track of all time?

LJ: If I HAVE to answer… Foxy Brown ft. Jay Z – I’ll Be… but ask me tomorrow and I’ll give you a different answer hah… oh, I’ll say Prince – Purple Rain as well!

SH: How do you rate Leeds’ clubbing scene?

LJ: I tend not to gig in Leeds as it’s my home city so I just like to party here and work in other places… but there is definitely always something great going on and a lot of exciting nights to go to. Leeds is one of the biggest clubbing cities in the UK so will always have a great scene.

SH: What do you think of Leeds as a city now?

LJ: It’s my home city – I love it.

SH: Is there any talent on the Leeds music scene worth a cheeky shout out?

LJ: YES – my best friend YO PRESTON. Go check him out on YouTube. He’s on the verge of making it huge, a massive talent, a great voice and an all round nice guy. I recommend his track ‘ Forever together’ – I could’ve actually put that in my ‘Fave track at the moment’!

You can follow what Loz is doing over on his Twitter where he shares his gigs and tracks and… his love of Kim Kardashian so it seems…


Originally published in The City Talking Leeds: Issue 06