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ldfw3: toms & made in leeds artist, francesca hotchin

ldfw3: toms & made in leeds artist, francesca hotchin


Amid the organised chaos that was the packed-out Student Lock-in event at Trinity Leeds last night, as part of LDFW3 our Made in Leeds artists were outside the Office store customising TOMS canvas originals with unique designs.

Among the artists chosen by Made in Leeds to be part of the event was Francesca Hotchin, who told us, “I do everything in terms of design, illustration, animation, bits of filming, bits of everything really – anything creative.

“I largely do pencil illustration because it’s the medium I feel most comfortable in. I like to do photo-realistic drawings, and I work in a monochrome style, but I also move from regular pencil drawing to white pencil on top of black paper – it’s almost like negative drawing, because you’re drawing the light instead of the dark. It’s an interesting way to change things up a bit, and it seems to be a good technique.”


Fran’s illustration work was awarded a D&AD yellow pencil award, for design work done to a brief from film magazine Little White Lies. The cover was hand drawn using white crayon on black paper, demonstrating Fran’s negative photo-realistic style and showing a level of intricate detail you wouldn’t normally associate with crayon drawings.

“For the Toms shoes design, I thought about the “One for One” model and how I could represent that concept. Because of my graphic design background I’m really into typography, so I used a script-based hand drawn typography, that mixes illustration in with it – not so much in a photorealistic style, but still with the precision I have in the way I draw and the way I do design.”

While the queues to get into Office at the Student Lock-in looked on, loads of people asked Fran to customise their TOMS in the same typographic style as her example pair, with names rendered in white along the side of the TOMS canvas a really popular request. •

You can see more of Fran’s drawings, as well as her work in film and type, at


Originally published in The City Talking Leeds: Issue 07