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ldfw3: toms & made in leeds artist, paul luke

ldfw3: toms & made in leeds artist, paul luke


All through LDFW3 we’ve been profiling the artists selected by Made in Leeds to customise pairs of TOMS canvas originals, before the ‘Style Your Sole’ event at the Office store during Monday’s Student Lock-in at Trinity Leeds.

The fourth artist Made in Leeds chose was Paul Luke, a lecturer in fashion at Leeds College of Art. “I am an artist and poet,” he told us. “I don’t really have a particular style in my art – it depends on how I’m feeling. Freedom influences my art. You’ve got me on a deep vibe.”

Back in LDFW1, Shang-Ting talked to Luke about his education and career. “I graduated from Leeds College of Art studying Visual Communication in 1998.  I have since produced fashion illustrations for publications including The Independent, Cosmopolitan and Elle plus commercial work with H&M and Topman alongside various exhibition projects.”


Paul came back to Leeds in 2007 and started teaching at the College of Art in 2010. “It’s an honour to teach at the same institute that once offered me so many creative opportunities,” said Paul. “However, I can only bring out the best in the students because they continue to bring out the best in me – that’s the deal!”

For this project, Paul told us: “I decided to baptise the TOMS shoes with this poem:

A prayer for the mother who gave-up her child / A prayer for the orphan, abandoned and wild, / A prayer for the homeless with no food to eat / A prayer for the princess, who wanders the street, / A prayer for the prisoner who never did wrong / A prayer for the wounded from here to Saigon, / A prayer for the victim whose face he once hit / A prayer for the addict determined to quit, / A prayer for the nurse who anointed the weak / A prayer for the touched who are too scared to speak, / A prayer for the father who’s laid-off from work / A prayer for the pure when temptations still lurk, / A prayer for the lover whose heart has been broken / A prayer for the dying as soft words are spoken, / A prayer for the heaven, on earth shall be done / A prayer for the praying, to save everyone.


Originally published in The City Talking Leeds: Issue 07