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the alternative leeds united squad poster 2013/14

the alternative leeds united squad poster 2013/14


The new season photo-call is an integral part of football.

All the players in the new kit, some of them with flowing new haircuts (hi, Gary Speed); new signings you’re excited to see, big ginger blokes you’ve never heard of. You know you’re ready for the new season when you can pull it out of the Evening Post or the first programme of the season and blu-tack it to the wall. It’s very exciting.

The only thing is, Leeds United haven’t done one yet. Yesterday, they tweeted: 

Our later than usual annual photo-call was beaten by the weather today. Hoping for better luck next time. #lufc

— LUFC Official (@LUFC) October 3, 2013

 – which seems like a bit of a poor show. They should use the conditions, and work with it – you don’t see many squad photos taken in torrential rain, and they’d be bound to get some viral attention from

But anyway. While Leeds get themselves sorted out, The City Talking and The Square Ball are here to help. Downloadable below, in three handy sizes for your computer, is the squad poster that Joe Gamble made for this season’s first issue of The Square Ball magazine. Not only that, but Joe has updated it to include new signing Scott Wootton. That, my friends, is service.

If you like this, you should check out more of Joe’s work. He’s one of the artists that Made in Leeds chose to customise TOMS shoes for LDFW3, and we’ve done an article about him here; he’s also in the new issue of The City Talking newspaper.


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