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you know you’re proper leeds if… part 2

you know you’re proper leeds if… part 2


Our old theatre and then party haunt, you can see the logo just behind :)After our ‘You know you’re proper Leeds if’ post 2 days ago, we received an overwhelming response to the initial ‘list’ created by my friends and I. We have had nearly 500 comments on our Facebook page and the tweets keep coming in thick and fast. We have been loving all the memories and we thought we would share with you some of the popular ones coming in! You know you’re proper Leeds if…

You remember:

The Schofields Store (in the cafe you got an empty blue cup or an empty green cup – one was for tea and one was for coffee and the waitresses came and filled you up depending on your cup colour)

Buses on Briggate

Lewis’ Store (and their knickerbocker glories)


Mr Craigs

Confetti’s night club

Target Sports

Zodiac Toystore

Tiffanys and Ritzys (and their teeny bopper club night back in the 80’s/90s!) in Merrion centre

Petrol Station the bottom of Eastgate

Lots of people remembering Wimpy

Planet Earths revolving dancefloor

Wimpy (and Mr Wimpy!)

Barry on Briggate’s prices

Elland Road Greyhound Stadium 

Spud u like on Vicar Lane and X clothes

Bottles restaurant in Woodlesford

The Core now, but we remember our Schofields 🙂

York Road Baths


National Express down Wellington Street

Woolworths being on Briggate and Four Cousins in Woolly’s Arcade

Club Uropa

Pig and Whistle

Athena in the Bond Street Centre

Rackhams where house of Fraser is, Littlewoods where Zara is

Red bus station and green bus station

MC Sports on Briggate

Roundhay Baths outdoors

Lots of people were remembering the Odeon

The number to YTV’s Christmas Line

Mill Hill & Big Lils amusement arcades

Hagenbachs at the old bus station, that also had Cadburys chocolate machines on the back wall

Ranchburger on the Headrow/Albion St!

The Queens Hall

Barcelona in Kirkstall

Stolen from Ivor

Scrumpies night club

Titles video and the telecomunications centre in headingley

Lion & Lamb

Cinderellas and Rockerfellas behind the Merrion Centre

Nestle Factory – Seacroft

Bankrupt jeans and Best trading Co

Cross Green Car Boot Sale

 We have recieved so many comments, so we will post part 3 soon! Keep your eyes peeled for more memories old and new 🙂 and if you have any more please share them in our comments.

Here’s a nice little quote from Sarah Horseman about the ever growing list:

Reading this makes me miss the old Leeds, so much good stuff gone but not forgotten. I loved saving my money to go to Toy World in the Bond St Centre & Jolly Giant. Then going to jacomellis when I was a good bit older!