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hotel lobby to hunting lodge: noel hunt signs

hotel lobby to hunting lodge: noel hunt signs


Slowly and surely, Brian McDermott is drawing his plans against the rest of The Championship. Steve Morison was believed to be leaving to make room on the wage bill for Noel Hunt, and while Millions Murphy might have surprised us all in the meantime, Hunt has agreed today that United can pay his salary from now on. 

The Evening Post had reported that Hunt needed £12k a week of Morison’s £17k wages; maths suggests £5k a week has gone to Murphy, and we’ll just resist delving too deeply into where the club found a million pounds for that transfer fee from Crewe for now to save ourselves the headache. 

Noel Hunt is one of McDermott’s Reading old boys, his future apparently settled at his wedding party this summer. He’s one of those strikers who get ‘/winger’ added after their position, because they’re short and don’t score many goals; but to be fair to Hunt, he gets up well for a little man and YouTube videos show him getting on the end of a fair few crosses for Reading.

Yesterday McDermott was praising Luke Murphy’s set-piece ability, so the Murphy-Hunt cross and header might prove more fruitful in the coming season than the old Diouf-ballboy combinations from last year. Just as long as Rodolph Austin is still allowed to shoot anywhere from the centre-circle forward, that’s fine by me.

Two signings in two days to add to Mathieu Smith, as well as the boardroom musical chairs yesterday, mean these are giddy days. McDermott has gone from depression in the hotel lobby last week to having a new-look final third in place, should he care to play them all: big man Smith alongside little man Hunt, with expensive man Murphy just behind. Next up: width, please Brian, sign us some width.

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