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leeds united take no chances with season ticket prices

leeds united take no chances with season ticket prices


Massimo Cellino has spoken of the fun he used to have with season tickets at Cagliari, but the club have taken the wise decision for 2014/15 of keeping things simple.

Prices have been frozen for next season, while a new junior price means under 11s can watch United in the Family Area next season for just £3 a game. At that price you could make them pay for themselves, meaning an even bigger saving for parents and a suitable introduction to the harsh world of football economics.

At Cagliari, new Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has on occasion done away with season tickets altogether when he has felt that fans have turned against him, telling them “No season tickets. You pay three times more.” He would give cash back if the team played badly though, saying, “I’m a player, a man who likes to play. We have fun.”

Cellino has adopted a more sympathetic stance with Leeds fans so far, preventing GFH from launching season tickets in February because he didn’t want to sell to the fans before the club’s future was decided. “It wasn’t right,” he said. “It was like taking money from the fans without any promises.”

After the season United have had, taking any money at all from Leeds fans might have seemed like a liberty, but keeping the prices the same ought to maintain interest ahead of a season that at least should arrive with the optimism of the Italian factor still fresh at the club.

As well as benefiting from frozen prices, Leeds fans can also hope to see season ticket funds benefit the team for the first time in two years, as the deal with Ticketus that exchanged a large portion of season ticket income for funds to build the East Stand has now been paid off. The full income will instead be available to the club – although it may still be required to put out some of the fires left burning when GFH sold the club to Cellino.

The full rates card is below; for more details visit the Leeds United website.

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