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looking for lufc answers in the tweets of edoardo cellino

looking for lufc answers in the tweets of edoardo cellino


Leeds are now just over a month into their new ownership, and while Massimo Cellino continues to act – and perform – he’s also still keeping his plans for Leeds United close to his chest.

This is slightly unsettling, as while other clubs name their retained lists and announce coaching changes, Leeds have named nobody and announced nothing, not even when closing Thorp Arch down for six weeks in a presumed cost-cutting exercise – presumed, because nobody has actually confirmed the reason why the coaches, physios and office staff, and maybe even Benito Carbone if he’s still there, have had to move to Elland Road until the end of June.

Against that background is Ross McCormack, insisting that he needs to hear a bold strategy from Cellino if he’s to stick around at this stage of his career; Michael Brown, issuing a sort-of goodbye to a largely indifferent fan base, unclear whether he’ll be staying or going; Brian McDermott, who has been promised a meeting to discuss plans with the new club president for the entire month of his ownership; and Edoardo Cellino, Massimo’s son.

While “The Boss”, as Edoardo calls him, is letting his guitar do the talking, the middle Cellino kid has been a bit more forthcoming. Edoardo’s job at the club hasn’t been confirmed, but it has been suggested that he is a director; although there are no documents at Companies House to confirm that. The official website only says we’re down to Lady Harewood and Massimo Cellino in the boardroom at the moment.

Among the sardines of information Edoardo threw to the trawlers following his Twitter account over the weekend, he seemed to reveal that Leeds are going to sign a new, English left-back; that Leeds will “probably” be signing some Cagliari players, including “probably only two” out of Ibarbo, Adryan, Astori, Ekdal and Sau; that Leeds will be changing the club badge “for sure”; and on the futures of ambassadors Dominic Matteo, Peter Lorimer and Eddie Gray at the club, that “this legend [t]hey get paid for doing nothing, when you can invest money for players and not old legend … seriously you think they will do the same if they weren’t pay mate? I don’t think so.”

In his column in the YEP today, based on an interview given yesterday, Eddie Gray – who I reckon certainly would work for the club for free, while leaving no footprints as he waltzed across hot coals – said he has “not heard a thing” about his own situation, and that “nobody knows yet if the owner and Brian have got together yet.”

Despite that, over the weekend when a fan asked, “Are we going to see a new manager? Unfortunately McDermott is not good enough for us, way way to many bad decisions last year,” Edoardo replied, “For sure,” which you can take any way you like; and he confirmed that Carbone has taken up a role at the club, although he didn’t say what that role is.

On the team, Edoardo said we are “going to see a completely new Leeds team,” although Ross McCormack will be a Leeds player “for life” and when questioned about Smith, Pearce, Byram, Mowatt and Murphy, Edoardo replied that “All of them will stay.” Five thumbs up were given to a fan’s suggestion that Noel Hunt should be sold and that “It’s an embarrasment to football and leeds united that he gets paid to wear our shirt,” and at the other end of the spectrum Ed opined that “Del Piero is not coming to Leeds.”

No weekend of tweeting is complete without at least one outburst, and “You are only a fat, bastard, and liar, and my friend all the shit that you did to us Is going to turn against you,” was Edoardo’s, coincidentally a few hours after David Haigh had made his own return to Twitter, promising to give his side of the story. “The facts speak for themselves” Edoardo added.

Edoardo has communicated freely with Leeds fans before. While his elder brother Ercole took on the might of takeover rival Mike Farnan’s daughter – adding the comments “Ugly”, “Cringe” and “You make puke” to her selfies on Instagram – Edoardo was telling Leeds fans on Facebook that Ibarbo, Astori and Adyran could all be coming from Cagliari.

Since his new Twitter account started last Thursday, the news has kept flowing from the fingers of young Edoardo, as well as photos of him chomping on a Burger King (mate… you can get better burgers than that in Leeds), posing moodily with a cigarette in front of the dramatic Leeds skyline (well, the car park above Bibi’s), and popping into Napoleon’s Casino with the optimistic intention of “Making some money.”

In between the selfies though are the nearest thing to news we can get about Leeds United at the moment, from someone who, although young, is nearest to the action and even closer to The Boss than the Pigeon Detectives.

Massimo didn’t specify what his lads would be doing when he told The Sun:

“I am bringing my two sons with me to work there and learn about business. One is 22, the other 24. They speak English, Spanish, German and Italian. They have degrees from American universities. I am giving the future to my sons and bringing them to a big club with potential. One will work in the marketing department, the other will work with the secretary, learning about wages and contracts. They are not spoilt. They each drive a Smart car and live in modest apartments.”

But while Ercole appears to have disappeared from the scene, the word is that Edoardo is now a director of Leeds United; there’s no paperwork at Companies House to back that notion up, though, and the Who’s Who section on Leeds United’s website currently only lists Patricia, Countess of Harewood as Club Patron and Massimo Cellino as President, and nobody else.

Trawling a twenty-something’s Twitter account for football news doesn’t seem entirely right, but right now while McDermott can’t get a meeting, the closure of Thorp Arch has come without a reason, rumours of job cuts circulate and captain Ross McCormack has gone off on holiday – and to join Gordon Strachan’s Scotland squad in three weeks – without any idea of whether he’ll want to be a part of Cellino’s new era at Leeds United, Leeds fans will want to get answers wherever they can.

The Twitter Q&A route to answers has been well-worn already during the GFH era, who never did come through on their promised fans’ forum – despite sending out tickets – and instead let fans struggle to interpret the occasional smiley face from Salem Patel, and the occasional zen quote or Pamela Anderson retweet from David Haigh.

Putting the past behind the club was GFH’s stated intention, and Edoardo Cellino says that’s what his father wants to do too: “Who runs the club before are only buffoni, buffoni means clowns … if you wont to still [live] in the [past] do it, is not my problem, I wont to see Leeds winning the Champions League.” But at the moment Cellino and son are imitating one of the frustrating parts of the Gulf Buffoni House regime, by keeping their real intentions quiet, at the same time as stirring up the fans on Twitter.

As one fan tweeted to Edoardo this lunchtime, “I like your honesty and being open with fans, but I think you should be a little more … secretive.” Edoardo replied, of course: “Mate for sure.”

Mate, for sure.


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