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made in leeds festival: miss melodie of speedqueen

made in leeds festival: miss melodie of speedqueen


Miss Melodie has been a DJ at SpeedQueen for fifteen years, and her part in SpeedQueen’s Night Under The Stars at Made in Leeds Festival is going to be a celebration – and a continuation.

“I still feel so privileged to have been a DJ for SpeedQueen for so long, and every time i play there a new memory is made!” she says. “I still remember so clearly when Kas and Suzy gave me the opportunity to play a warm up set in the main room. My hand was shaking so much I wasn’t sure if I could even put the needle on a record, never mind play a two hour set!”

Now it’s Miss Melodie who gives a helping hand to aspiring DJs at Melodie’s DJ Academy, where she encourages anyone from kids to OAPs to learn new DJ skills.

“Aspire to Inspire Is what my Academy is all about. It’s Made in Leeds and all started about seven years ago, with the intention of being different to any other DJ school.

“I made the courses all one to one tuition and initially for females only, because when I first started it was a very male dominated business and I wanted to encourage more females into DJing. And I did! I have taught lots of females who have gone on to be DJ professionals.”

Miss Melodie & SpeedQueen

Miss Melodie & SpeedQueen

The Academy is now open to anyone who wants to express and develop their music talents with complete support and individually tailored sessions. Melodie’s Academy also organises regular events to give student a chance to DJ live, and  at Made in Leeds Fest Miss Melodie’s students will be showing what they can do.

“For the first few hours inside the SpeedQueen tent , Melodie’s DJ Academy will be taking over! We will be showcasing a few of my students who will be playing mini sets with a variety of music styles.

“The age range goes from teenager to OAP! They will be mixing away and getting the party started until the SpeedQueen residents take over and take you into the night!”

The whole day and night promises to be something to remember, with SpeedQueen keeping their plans under wraps but promising a special atmosphere in their arena.

“I’m so happy that SpeedQueen is part of Made in Leeds Festival, it’s something new and fresh and exciting!” says Melodie. “SpeedQueen has always had a bit of mystery surrounding each event to make it more special and this is no different.

“We have the best crowd in the world and, as a team ,the DJs, the dancers, the bongo players, the entertainers, all create more than a club night – it’s an experience! Suzy and Kas are complete legends and have created something that will always be remembered in years to come.

“All I can say is our tent will be full of good music and good people, with a few surprises thrown in, SQ style. The last time SpeedQueen did something different to a club night was at Gatecrasher’s summer sound system at Lotherton hall. Our tent was packed from start to finish, it was fantastic.

“Made in Leeds is going to be even more special as its the first of its kind, and we’re looking forward to taking SpeedQueen from a big garden party into a night under the stars!”

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