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the square ball podcast returns; cellino says two more at leeds united

the square ball podcast returns; cellino says two more at leeds united


The Square Ball Podcast is back in time for the new season at Leeds United, starting by looking back at the dregs of the last one.

After a long summer off the return turned into a two-parter, and part one ties up the loose ends from last season and, in the case of Luke Varney and Michael Brown, chucks them in the river.

There’s also a review of our predictions from the start of last season: so Dom Poleon didn’t get young player of the year, after all… have a listen via SoundCloud here.

The next part – episode eighty – should be out before the Millwall game and is a look ahead to the new season with the new Leeds United and the new president and the new coach – if he stays. Our new season’s predictions might have something to say about that.

With the season approaching in hours now rather than days, Massimo Cellino has said he wants at least two more players to add to the eight already signed. “I still think we need more,” he told the YEP. “Another central defender maybe and a forward, a goalscorer. We need to be sure that we have enough goals in the team. We can’t be without them. Sorensen too, he’ll be a big player for us but we still want others. We will work on that until the month [and the transfer window] ends. We have time left.”

Cellino has also given another interview in a week that has been thick with them, this time as part of the YEP’s preview of the season: that interview with Phil Hay is here (“The season is coming fast, but I want to sell humility here. I don’t want to sell bulls–t to the people. It’s too easy to do that.”); Hockaday talks here (“It’s true that I’m not a name, that people might not really know who I am or what my background is, but I feel I’m qualified to give it a good go”); Mathieu Smith gives a long interview here (“I get asked a lot about how it went for me last season but to be truthful I think more about how it needs to go for me this season”); and Phil Hay analyses Massimo Cellino’s sometimes rough transition from Sardinia to Yorkshire here.