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The City Talking is a media company that produces magazines and feature-length documentary films inspired by cities.

Right now, we tell stories that begin in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Liverpool, Manchester and London. We focus on stories because that’s how we understand cities and the people that live, work, create and make in them. Whether we’re talking to business or restaurant owners, designers or artists, athletes or musicians or people we’ve met in bars, we listen to their stories and then tell our readers about them, through words, images and design.

In September 2014 The City Talking was named by Nesta and The Observer as one of fifty innovative ‘New Radical’ organisations that are changing Britain for the better.

Our website, home to special projects and events like Leeds Digital Fashion Week, was relaunched in November 2015 to showcase our work across all the cities we’re discovering now, and the cities we’ll discover in the future.

It is also the place to experience our work in film and video, on The City Talking Player, where you will be able to watch full-length documentary films about comics, music, fashion, tech and more.

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The City Talking: Fashion in Leeds, Vol. 1 The City Talking: Fashion in Leeds, Vol. 1 The City Talking: Fashion in Leeds, Vol. 1