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second store • sketch • sue xian yang • tom joy

second store • sketch • sue xian yang • tom joy


We asked creative individuals and industry professionals in the city to be involved in LDFW6 as our Brand Ambassadors. These individuals are artists, fashion designers, baristas, gallery owners and more. We wanted to tell a visual story about our city, with our city, so we’ve asked them to participate in our week-long Instagram challenge. You can follow the challenge, and all our Brand Ambassadors on Instagram using #LDFW6

We also asked our Brand Ambassadors for 2017 to tell us a bit more about who they are, and what inspires their style.

Rosie Lyness

Hi, I am Rosie Lyness. I’m 28 years old and I am the Founder and Director of Second Store is an online sneaker store for women, offering a mixture of established and emerging brands.

I moved to Leeds when I was 19 so I feel like I’ve done a lot of my growing up here and naturally, your environment and the friends you make along the way influence your style and interests considerably. I think the people are what make a city and what I find most inspiring, whether it’s people passing through, so bands on tour or artists holding an exhibition, or just the characters that you see from time to time in the city centre that make up the fabric of Leeds.

You can follow Rosie at the Second Store Instagram here.



We are SKETCH HAIR — a modern salon based in the heart of Leeds city centre. We have a gorgeous cosy space on Mill Hill, which is home to our 7 extremely talented stylists. We have been open 8 years, still going strong and keeping up with the latest trends and styles.

We are always inspired by Leeds people. We love how diverse Leeds is and how multi cultural it has become over the years. Leeds has grown into such a creative and supportive community in the arts, with all the amazing small businesses looking after each other. Our style is you — not everyone is the same and we always taylor your hair to suit you and your lifestyle.

You can follow Sketch on Instagram here, and at their website:


Sue Xian Yang

A motivated individual looking to better lives through providing unconditional kindness and love.

The community of Leeds influences my style by encouraging and accepting outfits that reflect the true self. The independent businesses in Leeds inspires me due to their hardworking and committed nature.

You can follow Sue Xian Yang on Instagram here.


Tom Joy

A freelance commercial photographer from Aberdeen, I’ve now called Leeds my home for the past 4 years with a regular split between the Northern powerhouse and London. My portfolio specialises in fashion and sports editorial elements, along with consistent commissions highlighting Leeds independent food and drink scene.

Leeds is rich with a diverse, multicultural and motivated thinking. The driven but humble mentality of the city often plays down it’s success stories but I’m consistently inspired by the many people striving to compete on a Worldwide platform that looks beyond borders and continents.

You can follow Tom Joy on Instagram here.