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blue rinse • bo carter • buttercrumble

blue rinse • bo carter • buttercrumble


We asked creative individuals and industry professionals in the city to be involved in LDFW6 as our Brand Ambassadors. These individuals are artists, fashion designers, baristas, gallery owners and more. We wanted to tell a visual story about our city, with our city, so we’ve asked them to participate in our week-long Instagram challenge. You can follow the challenge, and all our Brand Ambassadors on Instagram using #LDFW6

We also asked our Brand Ambassadors for 2017 to tell us a bit more about who they are, and what inspires their style.

Blue Rinse

We’re a vintage clothing company based in Armley with our flagship shop in Leeds city centre and an additional store over in Manchester. We started life at Leeds market (in the rain) in 1997 and grew from there. We’ve now expanded into different divisions – wholesale, pop up shops, kilo sales, and a busy online store, as well as a sister brand stocked in Topshop. No matter what we do, our ethos remains the same. We want to make vintage clothing accessible and provide an alternative to the throwaway fashion that is so prevalent on the high street. This year marks our 20thanniversary, and we’re excited to celebrate this milestone in Leeds, right where we started!

Without a doubt, Leeds influences our style by providing us with the most valuable thing – our customers. Whether our long standing regulars, or the new students that appear every year, they constantly push us to stay relevant, and delivery new and exciting garments time and time again. It’s because of our relationship and communication with our customers that we’ve been around for so long.
Leeds is such an amazing city to be a part of right now. It has a thriving independent scene, especially in the Kirkgate area, and the pace at which it is developing inspires us to keep up and bring something new to the table. The huge selection of high street stores are also a vital source of inspiration for us – pushing us to keep pace with them and offer a sustainable and ethical alternative.

You can follow Blue Rinse on Instagram here.


Bo Carter

My name is Bo and I create clothes while caring for our planet, animals and people.

I’m inspired by people. There are truly so many great humans being in Leeds. There is a great spirit, sometimes a bit hidden, but it truly does exist.

You can follow Bo Carter on Instagram here


Buttercrumble — Abigail & Chloe

We are the super-synced twin-team, Chloe and Abigail, who love to produce playful visuals for worldwide beauty-seekers and design-enthusiasts. It has been a life long love affair. As identical twins, we have spent many days playing, studying and working together to produce illustration and design. We whole-heartedly believe in collaboration and the power of good design.

Moving from the seaside town of Scarborough to Leeds has opened our eyes to a harmonious, vibrant mix of style. The variety of inspiration here is so diverse and we will never tire of it! Leeds has helped us to find our true style and we love to mix our beach and city influences. Everyone in Leeds is so welcoming and it is easy to be yourself here.

You can follow Buttercrumble on Instagram here.