The City Talking: Fashion, Vol.1

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cat patterson • danielle louise bingley • ellie andrews

cat patterson • danielle louise bingley • ellie andrews


We asked creative individuals and industry professionals in the city to be involved in LDFW6 as our Brand Ambassadors. These individuals are artists, fashion designers, baristas, gallery owners and more. We wanted to tell a visual story about our city, with our city, so we’ve asked them to participate in our week-long Instagram challenge. You can follow the challenge, and all our Brand Ambassadors on Instagram using #LDFW6

We also asked our Brand Ambassadors for 2017 to tell us a bit more about who they are, and what inspires their style.

Cat Patterson

Founder of Swetshop, Fashion Graduate, Upcycling Products, Plant Lover.

Leeds is filled with art all around the city, from the virgin boxes to huge wall murals to independent businesses. The colours, patterns and street style’s of our leeds lot influence my style and spark inspiration for new concepts.

You can follow Cat on Instagram here


Danielle Louise Bingley

A 24 year old creative working within the exhibition and events industry. By day I work with brands taking innovate ideas and concepts then developing them in to engaging results. By night I’m a dreamer, dreaming of the next place I want to explore — a permanent itch to travel!

Being in a new place or stumbling across new products creates personality, understanding and most of all creativity and curiosity. So with that you’ll find me either brunching my way around, getting snap happy with my Olympus Pen or simply ‘Pinteresting’ the next holiday hotspot (perhaps with a large G&T in hand).

You can follow Danielle Louise Bingley on Instagram here. 


Ellie Andrews

Leeds born and bred, went to London for a while, came back and became a small business owner in the city centre.

I live and work in the city, and I’m on my feet — a lot.  Walking comfortably is imperative! No heels for me thank you.

You can follow Ellie, and Cafe 164 on Instagram here