The City Talking: Fashion, Vol.1

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josh goodwin • josiah craven • kaitlyn bullen • opal video

josh goodwin • josiah craven • kaitlyn bullen • opal video


We asked creative individuals and industry professionals in the city to be involved in LDFW6 as our Brand Ambassadors. These individuals are artists, fashion designers, baristas, gallery owners and more. We wanted to tell a visual story about our city, with our city, so we’ve asked them to participate in our week-long Instagram challenge. You can follow the challenge, and all our Brand Ambassadors on Instagram using #LDFW6

We also asked our Brand Ambassadors for 2017 to tell us a bit more about who they are, and what inspires their style.

Josh Goodwin

I am Josh Goodwin, session hair stylist and senior stylist at SKETCH HAIR in Leeds. I have just had my 25th season of London Fashion week working on shows this season such as Pringle of Scotland and Yorkshire’s own, Matty Bovan. I have worked on editorial shoots such as Wonderland, Glass Magazine, Cosmoplitan, Italian Vogue, Bullett magazine and was the lead hair stylist for Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model season 8. Working with Thom Yorke recently for the new Radiohead music video “lift” last month was a huge career highlight for me. Even though I work all over the country and abroad, I now base myself at SKETCH HAIR in Leeds, as I love this city.

I love the size of Leeds. Working I the city centre means we have everything we need but in a close proximity. I love the homegrown support that Leeds has, and the talent it holds here is insane. So much creativity!

You can follow Josh on Instagram here


Josiah Craven

Hello, I’m Josiah — an independent Graphic Designer based in Leeds, UK. Specialising in the fields of Arts, Culture & Commerce, my work combines both conceptual and strategic approaches to contemporary visual communication — from identity, exhibition and publication design to art direction, curation, events and everything in between.

Since graduating from Leeds Arts University in Sept 2016, I’ve worked with an array of individuals and institutions, to local businesses and international organisations. Previous clients & collaborators range around the world – from Leeds to London, Paris, Ghent, Zagreb & Tulum (Mexico). I’m also a visiting lecturer at Leeds Arts University on the BA (Hons.) Photography & BA (Hons.) Fashion Photography courses.

I’m also the founder of, an 20,000+ follower blog & mood board featuring the best contemporary Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion, Arts & Visual Culture from around the world.

Leeds is amazing as there’s a close-knit community of creatives where everyone has time for one another. It’s less competitive and more collaborative and this is how the best projects flourish.

You can follow Josiah on Instagram here, and Researchhh here. 


Kaitlin Bullen

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn! I’m the brand manager and designer for Blue Rinse Vintage. I also dip my toes into a little bit of writing (Ballad Of magazine) and prop making. I love all things design related (whether clothing, art, graphics, costumes, or interiors) and find it hard to sit still, so I always try to have a new project to work on. Most recently, I made the sets and props for Oxfam at Glastonbury festival. I have a huge interest in sustainable fashion, and am fortunate enough to work for a company that shares this ethos. At Blue Rinse, I’m responsible for a few different things, but the area that has my heart is designing and reworking unwanted clothes into new garments. It’s amazing seeing these creations in our own stores, Topshop concessions, and on people walking down the street, as well as knowing they have been saved from the landfill. If you can’t tell already, I’m one of those annoying people who really loves their job! Outside of work, I love to explore – whether this is in Leeds or further afield. I’m forever thankful that new things are always popping up in Leeds that allow me to indulge this love. I’m super excited to be one of the ambassadors for Leeds Digital Fashion Week, and can’t wait to see everything that will be shared!

My style is a uniform of polka dots, pink, gold jewellery, stripes, and not alot else. In a perfect world, I’d float around in a spotty two-piece and Birkenstocks every day. However, living in such a busy city has forced me to get real with my wardrobe and start to appreciate the more practical items. I’ve developed a love of vintage workwear, denim and utilitarian clothing, which fits into my existing wardrobe perfectly. So many things and people unintentionally inspire me in the city, from the exact shade of pink used on a new mural (I’m looking at you, modes of expression), to the man that dresses head to toe in suede and visits Blue Rinse every Saturday morning. I love how Leeds is filled with creatives and individuals that aren’t scared to fully express themselves, which in turn encourages others to do the same. However, although I am probably very biased, the thing that has inspired my style the most is seeing and sorting thousands of items a week at Blue Rinse HQ. Think handmade 70’s floral jumpsuits and embroidered folk blouses mixed with 90’s grunge flannel shirts and ripped up, safety pinned denim. It’s been amazing to see such a huge range of styles and be able to cherry pick elements of all to create my own.

You can follow Kaitlyn on Instagram here.  


Opal Video

For the past couple of years I’ve been running Opal, a video production company in Leeds. Opal makes short documentary style videos that uncover and celebrate unseen elements of independent businesses, this takes me far and wide across Leeds and beyond. I love working with people, discovering their stories and telling them through video. There is something magical about capturing moments on camera that can be kept for a lifetime and shared with those who might never experience it themselves.

I’ve lived in Leeds for almost 6 years now, and over that time alone it’s changed a lot. Leeds is a constantly evolving city, there’s always so much going on here, so there’s inspiration in every corner. The culture in Leeds never fails to amaze me from the vibrant carnival celebrations to colourful street art hidden around the city waiting to be discovered. Leeds has a pretty relaxed atmosphere which is one of the things I love about it, and that’s reflected in my style. It’s a supportive City open to new ideas; I’m constantly inspired by the number of independent businesses of all shapes and sizes starting up and thriving in Leeds. The collaborative nature of creatives within the city mean that amazing work is flying out of Leeds and heading to far flung places. There is inspiration everywhere in Leeds, whether it be the people, artwork or events across the city, some is right in front of you and some is a little harder to find…

You can follow Zoe on Instagram here