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vicky emmonds • warren jones • zana o’connell

vicky emmonds • warren jones • zana o’connell


We asked creative individuals and industry professionals in the city to be involved in LDFW6 as our Brand Ambassadors. These individuals are artists, fashion designers, baristas, gallery owners and more. We wanted to tell a visual story about our city, with our city, so we’ve asked them to participate in our week-long Instagram challenge. You can follow the challenge, and all our Brand Ambassadors on Instagram using #LDFW6

We also asked our Brand Ambassadors for 2017 to tell us a bit more about who they are, and what inspires their style.

Vicky Emmonds

I’m Vicky, I love colour and putting colours together, whether that’s with my clothes, my home or organising my vast collection of pens. To me colour is everything, it can represent the way I feel and it is a way of expressing myself, you rarely find me in black. I love vintage fashion also (especially 1940’s and 50’s) and like to mix vintage styles with modern influences. I enjoy being able to dress up and can be found looking in charity shops for vintage gems.

Leeds is full of quirky places and independent shops. There is so much colour to be found in the city and there is always something happening. Leeds celebrates being unique and different and that inspires me. I head to certain places if I need a moment of inspiration and have met some ace people when visiting these.

You can follow Vicky on Instagram here


Warren Jones

I don’t tend to talk about myself too much (he says tongue in cheek).  I like to think my IG bio sums me up pretty well. Sneakerhead, head honcho at Mrs Atha’s, coffee lover, musician, professional pouter and Dad to two incredible little humans. That’s me!

I love this city. It’s a plethora of different styles and scenes. It’s literally one of the best cities around. So much going on. The whole vibe is inspiring right now. Music, art, film, independent business everywhere. Even Leeds United are getting in on the positive vibes! About time!  So yeh. I’m inspired every day by that feeling and by the people of this fair city giving off all that positive creative energy.

You can follow Warren on Instagram here


Zana O’Connell

Hey! Im a Yorkshire girl, born and bred. I work as a model and yoga teacher and am in love with what I do.

With my modelling I get to travel the world, but I always love coming back to Leeds and continuously feel inspired by Leeds style and vibe. We have some awesome independents here in Leeds and also some amazing vintage shops. When I’m not living in my yoga pants I do most of my shopping in these places and its great because you are able to avoid the mainstream fast fashion type places. I am inspired by the people and their authenticity; we have some really awesome people here doing really awesome things, it’s a city but with that know-your-neighbours vibe. We have a really cool and simple style here in Leeds, individual but still with that Yorkshire fuss-free attitude.

You can follow Zana O’Connell on Instagram here