The City Talking: Fashion, Vol.1

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the city talking magazine — now available

the city talking magazine — now available


On April 27th & 28th, we released a brand new issue of our magazine; the first of 2018. Contained within its pages are stories about so many things, like fashion, music and football, but also: poetry, feminism, hangovers, a cave by the sea, a bar called Paradise, feelings (all of them), caffeinated tonic wine and so much more.

It is the outcome of many months, (too) many coffees and hours of conversation with people about why they do what they do, and everything they love. People like Shad — a Juno-winning rapper and broadcaster from Toronto. And the crew from Yorkshire St. Pauli; a Leeds supporters club who follow a German team for so many reasons other than the football. The lads of Mundial Mag, fashion designer Meme Gold and illustrator Louisa Foley; in this issue, you’ll find all their stories and more.

This magazine is free and available in limited quantities in London, Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds. To check out our list of our stockists, click here.