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leeds digital fashion week vol.5

leeds digital fashion week vol.5


Leeds Digital Fashion Week has always been about finding a space to take off without a runway, and each time LDFW comes around, we look around again to see what spaces suit us most today.

Through LDFWs one to four, we’ve explored blogs, videos, podcasts and even good old fashioned paper and ink; there’s no reason why such a beautiful medium shouldn’t be welcome in the digital age, is there?

What has been taking place in digital lately, though, is a shortening; both of attention spans, and of the distance to experiences. You can now, through the new Periscope app, view people’s lives as they see them, as they happen – Twitter is becoming a peer-to-peer lifestyle broadcasting platform, an over-the-line move into a future where we’re not sure yet if want to follow.

Twitter is still the twitchiest of digital platforms, though; even tweeting the most innocent observation can feel like risking a wrong word out loud in an unfamiliar pub. Maybe you’ll get a warm welcome from the afternoon drinkers and make some new buddies; maybe the beer will start flying and you’ll want to rush for the door.

The space we like best, that combines all the best current digital elements and makes us feel most at home, is Instagram; where everyone tries to look and behave at their best, and is rewarded with strings of double-tapped hearts from friends and strangers. A cross word on Instagram is like a cuss word in a church; you can even, announced on the day we’re writing this, now use emojis as hashtags. If that’s not the best thing, then – never mind. It’s the best thing.

And Instagram is the best thing for #LDFW5. Visuals plus love – that’s the core of what Leeds Digital Fashion Week is about. It’s never been about clothes as much as it is about life; about the things you do every day that make you feel good because they look good to you – and screw what anybody else thinks. Except on Instagram, where you can always expect that steady, loving heartbeat – tap-tap, tap-tap, tap-tap. That’s how to be in fashion, in life.

From May 18th to 22nd, we’ll be throwing the #LDFW5 hashtag out to Instagram and out to that life. Photos are cool but we like those 15-second videos the best; and fashion students from Leeds College of Art will be producing videos about their life in the city, interpreting a different theme and mood every day and posting it to the #LDFW5 tag.

Katie Thirkill, Rosy Smith and Warren Jones will also be taking part; you might recognise them, but as you’ll see on the following pages, these fellows can be well met on Instagram if you don’t. You can find The City Talking sharing our best side and the best of the people and places around us there too, @thecitytalking, and follow and create Leeds Digital Fashion Week volume five by following and posting to #LDFW5 from May 18th to 22nd.