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the city talking: liverpool — issue 02

the city talking: liverpool — issue 02


Issue 02 of The City Talking: Liverpool is now available in venues across the city.

On a sunny day, we visited the Museum of Liverpool and sat in a carriage raised above ground to the exact height of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, the world’s first elevated electrical railway. Sixteen feet above, the Liverpool Overhead Railway floated along the chatter and noise of the city; pummelling through six and a half miles of dockside, had a new way to get to work, to see transatlantic liners off to faraway lands, and wave to friends below.

We thought, on a warm day like this one, how nice it would be to speed through stops named after docks from sixteen feet above.

The City Talking: Liverpool — Issue 02

So we went to Maray, where the combination of faraway lands, friends and good food have claimed a space on Bold Street. “There was no point in time when we thought, this is exactly what we want to do,” says James Bates, one of its three co-owners.

“We try not to take ourselves too seriously,” adds Thom White, another co-owner. “This is just a nice place to be.”

We sat down with James, Thom and fellow founder Dom Jones to hear the story of a restaurant borrowed from dreams and memories of somewhere elses.

The City Talking: Liverpool — Issue 02

Liverpool is a city with an imagination flung high. On our sunny day search for the city’s best high spots, we journeyed from the Ventilation and Control Station at George’s Dock to the Churchill Way flyover, where city dreams pool like colourful puddles in the sky.

The City Talking: Liverpool — Issue 02

From the rooftop of West Africa House we watched for ocean going liners and met with a new friend, illustrator Moara Marques, who has come to the city from faraway places to draw its best pubs. “I’ve thought about doing an illustration of Bold Street, but facing the old church at the end of the street.” She laughs. “I’m thinking of making it look like the American Wild West.”

We haven’t seen the American Wild West in Moara’s work, but we have seen UFOs, flamingos, paper boats, human-sized pigeons and pigeon-sized humans. We talk to Moara about her drawings, beer and discovering a city to call home.

The City Talking: Liverpool — Issue 02

Reece Leung is a skateboard photographer who explores a city’s streets on a board, always looking for the best places to shoot and ride. In this issue of The City Talking he brings us to four of them in Liverpool, joined by friends from Sheffield and Leeds and Lost Art skater Barney Page.

The City Talking: Liverpool — Issue 02

We end a sunny day in Liverpool at a table outside The Buyer’s Club where we share a pot of coffee with one of its regulars, Andrew Ellis. Andrew Ellis says he’s a hobby photographer but he’s good at it; he also works with bands, commissions music and art and produces shows with Immix Ensemble. He does all this, mostly in Liverpool, for Liverpool. “It’s giving people the opportunity to see something,” he says. “It’s to give people something that otherwise wouldn’t happen in Liverpool — that is, in a roundabout way, what I aim to do.”

The City Talking: Liverpool issue 02 is free, and available in some of the city’s nice places to be.


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