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the city talking: london — issue 02

the city talking: london — issue 02


The second issue of The City Talking in London is out now.

On the train headed up north after a day in London, one of our colleagues told us about a series of angels made from light and wire draped over Regent Street. She admired their long tails, and then we talked about how in London, wonderful things seem to exist with such ease, because there are people to build them and buildings to support them. That seems to be true of London all year round, but especially at Christmas.

This issue of The City Talking isn’t about Christmas, but it is about wonderful things existing in London because of the people there that want to create them.


One of these people is an illustrator named Michael Driver. In the two years since Michael graduated he has worked for The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Observer and The Times; his illustrations have appeared on screens in train stations and shopping centres all around the UK; his Instagram account has gone viral; he’s worked as a freelancer, full-time.

“Living in London, you never really have the chance to appreciate the excitement of being commissioned because you’re always trying to make a living doing it,” he says. “You’re always chasing the next thing.”

We talk to Michael about living in London, renting in London and the real big marathon that is chasing your dreams.


Ksenia Burnasheva is a photographer from Ufe, living and working in London.  We met her at St. Paul’s Cathedral and went for a pint at one of her favourite spots, where we sat next to the fireplace and talked about Russia, photography, snow, black holes and Instagram.

“I realised this square format was so intriguing; I thought it was a challenge to constantly think: square, square, square,” she says.

She’s chosen a selection of these square-inspired photographs for you to enjoy.


Eight years ago, Chia-wen Liu made London her home. London changes every day, and she loves living that change to the fullest. Sometimes — when she’s not cat-sitting, enjoying exhibitions, writing books, working for fashion designers at shows —  she photographs it.

“I like living in London. I like walking down the street, going to see exhibitions,” she says. “I don’t feel like I have to do something because I’m in London, but I like the idea that because I’m living here, that’s my normal life.”


The City Talking: London, issue 02 is out now across the city. You can find it in some of the places you go to live London to the fullest.

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