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mapmymcr:  mother mac’s

mapmymcr: mother mac’s


For twenty years Tash Willcocks has worked in Manchester designing record covers for Elbow (Asleep in The Back, specifically), motion graphics for Mika’s world tour, and skateboards in collaboration with Linder Sterling; she has photographed freelancely for Jack Daniels and Arcadia, is part of Generic Greeting Collective, and for sixteen years she was a lecturer in Graphic Design at Salford University; right now she works as a programme leader at Hyper Island. This is by no means all, but it was as much as we could gather before Tash boarded a plane. Well, not quite all; she also told us this:

I’m a Cornish born,
unicorn with a pen for a horn.
In MCR I made my nest,
as this city is the best…
At day I teach,
On the Hyper Island beach.
At night I naps
and ink up maps.
I draw, I dance, doodle & drink, And like to sketch what people think…

*we have no teachers at HI but cannot rhyme Programme Leader

Those night-time inking activities are the focus for these pages. Tash hasn’t just lived and worked in Manchester for twenty years, she has bloody loved it, and looking at her MapMyMCR illustrations has reminded us of all the times we fell in love with Manchester, too. It’s a typographic project that is growing nightly, because there are no limits to Manchester, and no limits to memory, and no limits to love.



MotherMac's • MapMyMCR by Tash Willcocks

MotherMac’s • MapMyMCR by Tash Willcocks

I was thinking about where I should draw next so went on a wander on my way home — and while idly gliding down the back roads I stumbled back on Mother Mac’s, a pub where I used to enjoy a sneaky half with friends who loved a local boozer and a flat capped seventy year old man singing karaoke on a Tuesday evening. I once overheard a woman with a huge greying blonde bouffant and raspberry coloured lippy smeared more on her teeth than her lips tut on entry, and exclaim it looked like the front room of a Welsh caravan. (I’ve never seen one — she may be right — I tried looking it up to no avail.) Either way it’s a great place — cheap booze, fine folk and I’m hoping they still crank up the karaoke machine. OH AND I hear rumours it’s meant to be one of Manchester’s most haunted pubs…


Originally published in The City Talking: Manchester, issue 1