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out now — the city talking: the story of our [filtered] [plastic] lives

out now — the city talking: the story of our [filtered] [plastic] lives


This week, we’re in Leeds, London, Sheffield and Manchester distributing the latest edition of our magazine, titled The City Talking: The Story of our [Filtered] [Plastic] Lives.

In this issue, we explored the psychology and history of plastic surgery, influencers & Instagram, robots (who aren’t really robots), the Korean wave known as hallyu, the future, filters, false perceptions, fandom and so much more.

This magazine is the culmination of many, many conversations, several caffeine-induced debates over ridiculous but relevant questions (can you forget your own face?) and our shared, growing preoccupation with a K-pop band called BTS; along with a whole whack of other stuff that’s monopolised our hard drives, Spotify playlists and general psyches for months.

The Story of our [Filtered] [Plastic] Lives is free and available in limited quantities. To check out our list of our stockists, click here.