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The City Talking: Fashion, Vol.1

The first volume of The City Talking: Fashion magazine & film.

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Eric Musgrave

Eric Musgrave was born in Leeds, and attended Leeds Central High School for boys. He is a well-respected member of the fashion press, responsible for launching FHM magazine, as well as merging Drapers Record and Menswear to become Drapers. Eric has written for titles like International Textiles, Fashion Weekly, Vogue, Esquire and the Financial Times. At 61, he has been Drapers’ Editorial Director twice in the past 16 years.

the city talking: fashion

The City Talking has always imagined the potential of the places we work and live, and we always return to fashion.

the city talking: fashion in leeds, vol. 1 — special edition

To accompany our new film, Fashion in Leeds, Vol.1, the new issue of The City Talking is a special 100-page edition, now available for free from select stockists in Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.