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The Story of our [Filtered] [Plastic] Lives

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chapter 01

“Beauty is, in some ways, boring. Even if its concept changes through the ages, nevertheless a beautiful object must always follow certain rules … Ugliness is unpredictable and offers an infinite range of possibilities. Beauty is finite. Ugliness is infinite, like God.” — Umberto Eco.

consider the fillers

This is the first time, in the history of my whole life, that I’ve really considered it: To inject, or not to inject, my face.


live your dream

Photographer Eui-Jip Hwang collected advertisements and media images from South Korea’s beauty industry and reappropriated them for a series called Live Your Dream. We spoke to him about Korean identity, the illusion of perfection and more. 

chapter 02

“They say people live to be happy. If you actually think about what happiness is, it’s nothing much. When you get to eat ramen after feeling really really hungry, that’s happiness.”  — Kim Namjoon, also known as RM of BTS. 

k-pop is here to save us

I was sitting on dead grass when one of my favourite delusions peeled away from reality like old wallpaper. I am not a teenager anymore, I thought. Not even close. 

how all blues co. brought k-fashion to leeds

steve choi

When the guys from All Blues Co. visit South Korea they always make some time to see Steve Choi. “An amazing, brilliant guy,” Faz had said. “He understands the other side of it, you know what I mean?”

chapter 03

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment.”  — Alexander McQueen

the making of mary benson’s world

On what surely must be the hottest day of what surely must be the hottest summer in the history of England, Mary Benson sits on a sofa, in her flat, drinking herbal tea, breastfeeding.

the real life of lauren ella

Lauren, who is just nineteen, has the wisdom of someone who’s traversed the pages of a real life adventure story and returned to tell its tale.

paul alger

Thanks to fashion designers, the air is cloudy with aspiration.

chapter 04

“Robots have already surpassed human beings in calculation and memory, but I have no doubt that the time will come when they will surpass in wisdom as well.”  — Masayoshi Son

meet the influencer of the future

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