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red — alex dyson

red — alex dyson


In October 2012, The City Talking produced the first Leeds Digital Fashion Week (LDFW). The idea was to use digital platforms to tell stories from Leeds’ fashion scene. We wanted to create the right conditions for talent to stay in the city and achieve their ambitions here.

The sixth volume of LDFW takes place from 16th — 20th of October 2017. We asked a few of our favourite illustrators and photographers to make work based on the feeling of colour. We’ve included these images in the following pages, and asked them to tell us about the work they produced.


I am a twenty-three year old graphic designer and illustrator based in Leeds. I specialise in branding, layout and illustration. In my free time I take inspiration from music, popular-culture and experiences to help fuel my developing creative practice.

Being given the colour red, I broke it apart in its two polar forms of love and hate. In a style reflective of vintage poster-art, I have illustrated two women’s faces with the aim to represent both sides of red in the form of facial expression. These have been finished by distorting and adding texture for a more intense outcome, frequently used in my other works.

Estate is a streetwear company that focuses on visuals inspired by 90’s band merchandise, cinema and skate culture. I chose to represent this brand because of our mutual style interests and my appreciation for what they create as an independent clothing brand based in Leeds.


Originally published in The City Talking Fashion, Vol. 2

Work by: Alex Dyson