The City Talking: Fashion, Vol. 2

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sheffield by yooni — firth court secret

sheffield by yooni — firth court secret


“Joining the first
Instameet in UK.
Exploring Sheffield
with a group of
amazing people.
The organizer,
in the middle,
led us to his favorite secret spot in Sheffield
– a spiral staircase hidden inside Firth Court.”


谢村首次 Instammeet,
中间的组织者韩国小哥带我们来到了 Firth Court 里隐藏的完美旋转楼梯


Yooni is in Sheffield rather than Beijing this year, studying for a Master’s degree in landscape architecture at the University of Sheffield and travelling in Europe, recording her memories on Instagram. That’s where we saw, and fell for, her photos. “The style of my photos is always changing,” Yooni told us, while denying that she is anything more than an amateur point-and-shoot iPhone snapper. “I’m planning to go to Germany and Copenhagen, where there are a lot of architecture projects. Sometimes I go to see those, or other times I follow people’s Instagrams, see cool places to go.”

Yooni’s favourite place to go in Sheffield is “a small field behind the train station. All the flowers were out there the other day. “I walked down the road from there to a little road junction. It’s geometrical and interesting, and there was a short time when there was no traffic so I took a photo. Just a few seconds.” Yooni doesn’t know what she’ll do after graduating; she is trying to find time to look for internships in Europe, or maybe she’ll work in Beijing for a year or two, then come back to the UK to study another Masters or PhD.

Or maybe she’ll stay here, in the parks. “When I first got to Sheffield, I was amazed by all the small parks,” she says. “In China we don’t have that many parks, and they are filled with people, especially when the weather is sunny. “But in Sheffield most parks are very tranquil. I thought, wow, what a lovely life, if I could stay here for a very long time.”


張菁今年在 Sheffield 而不是北京,她在University of Sheffield 唸景觀設計的碩士課程、在歐洲旅遊,且用了Instagram 紀錄下回憶。於是我們見到了、沈淪進了,
”張菁告訴我們,卻又邊說自己只是個不專業的iPhone 拍攝者而已。“我正在計畫去德國跟哥本哈根,那裏有許多建築計畫。
Instagram 上尋找想去的地方。”

而張菁在 Sheffield 最喜歡的地方?“車站後的一個小原野,那天所有的花都開了。




Originally published in The City Talking: Sheffield, issue 02