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the city talking: sheffield, issue 06

the city talking: sheffield, issue 06


The sixth issue of The City Talking is now available in Sheffield.

When we think about Sheffield, we think about cutlery, steel and manufacturing; also, nice coffee shops, music festivals and universities. Strong beers shared with strong-minded people that want to change the world for the better, from their city — in their city.

When we began making a documentary called The City Talking: Tech in the North earlier this year, we went to Sheffield to talk to some of the people building their dreams on a four-hundred year old manufacturing heritage. We wanted to know how the clanging ghost echoes of years past sounded in the here and now; who was making them, and how?


We began at Sumo Digital, a games studio with an HQ across a carpark from Sheffield Forgemasters where steel castings, forgings, rolls, ingots and bars are made and sent around the world. There, we met with Darren Mills, co-founder and studio director at Sumo, to talk about how Sheffield has changed and how Sheffield has changed games.

“There are 250 people here who are absolutely passionate about games,” says Darren.

Darren tells us the story of the games industry in Sheffield, which starts at a shop on Carver Street called Just Micro and finds new chapters in Pune, India and Nottingham.



Ryan Sheppeck is a photographer and the founder of Peaks Collective, a community of adventurers and photographers who share a love of the Peak District. He recently returned from Iceland, and it seemed like a good time to call him and talk about his work.

“Everywhere is beautiful,” he says. “You’ve just got to go and find it.”

We’ve included some of Ryan’s photos so you might be inspired to find some of that beauty for yourself.


This year, Dr. Sam Chapman was inducted as a Freeman with The Company of Cutlers, the first invitee to the organisation from a digital company. Sam’s company is called The Floow and while they don’t make cutlery — or even steel — they do manufacture products; the kind of products that are saving lives.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as engineers,” says Sam. “Although we don’t make a physical chunk of metal, we’ve always seen what we do as crafting.”

We talk to Sam about starting a company in stealth, telematics, and choosing Sheffield over Silicon Valley to build your digital business.


We visited Reason Digital’s offices on Lever Street on Manchester to see how digital is being used in other cities to make a difference.

“We’re all very passionate about what we do,” says Rebecca Rae, head of strategy & insight. “We wouldn’t work for Reason if we weren’t.”

We talk to Rebecca about building an app that’s saved lives; about their podcast, Tech For Good Live; and how it feels to say you love your job and mean it.


The City Talking: Sheffield Issue 06 is available now, in some of the places you’ll go to make your own ghost echoes for Sheffielders of the future to enjoy.

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