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the city talking: fashion

the city talking: fashion


The City Talking has always imagined the potential of the places we work and live. We’ve done this by telling stories of the people who are living a bit of that imagination every day; the ones who help make our city feel closer to the kind of places where stories are told in abundance.

We tell these stories through our magazines and films; and while we’ve covered all kinds of sectors, and met so many different types of people, we always return to fashion, and the creative industries and lifestyles that make fashion something that’s about more than clothes.

The City Talking: Fashion is our name for an ongoing series of projects that celebrate everything about the UK’s fashion culture, using our experience and skill as storytellers on- and offline.

In October 2012, The City Talking produced the first Leeds Digital Fashion Week (LDFW). The idea was to use digital platforms to tell stories from Leeds’ fashion scene to the outside world; we also wanted to create the right conditions for talent to stay in the city and achieve all their ambitions here.

Photograph by Shang-Ting Peng

Leeds Digital Fashion Week has run for five years since; we’ve worked with designers, brands, photographers, artists and universities, and produced photoshoots, features, interviews and videos. The project has evolved, but our intention is the same; to help to build the industry by showcasing the city’s creative talent.

In 2016, we made a feature-length film called The City Talking: Fashion in Leeds, Vol.1. The film is the story of a city whose industrial might made the clothes the world wore in the 20th century; a city that has replaced factories with boutiques and acquired a new style, and stories to tell, in the 21st. We produced a 100 page magazine alongside the film, including fashion stories from cities like Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle, that was distributed nationwide.

You can watch the film online here.

The sixth volume of LDFW is taking place in October 2017. We’ll be featuring stories from some of the UK’s top industry professionals, working with talented photographers and illustrators, hosting fashion events, collaborating with brand ambassadors and more.

Photograph by Shang-Ting Peng

Every city has its own stories, that we’ve featured as The City Talking has expanded to cover Manchester, London, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle and York, reaching audiences across the UK and internationally, particularly in the Far East.

As part of The City Talking: Fashion we’re discovering new stories in new places about fashion, creative industries and lifestyles, creating and curating city-specific Digital Fashion Weeks, producing films and magazine stories that celebrate the diversity of UK fashion from city to city, raising the profile of the excellent designers, retailers, brands and events that we’re excited to work with.

We’ll be bringing our newest stories to our audiences throughout 2017/18, and some of the best of The City Talking: Fashion is below.


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Photograph by Shang-Ting Peng

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