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the city talking: huddersfield — issue 01

the city talking: huddersfield — issue 01


The first issue of The City Talking: Huddersfield is out now.

The City Talking: Huddersfield — Issue 01

One brisk evening we sat around a small table in Rat and Ratchet, drinking a pint and thinking about how many good days we could have like this one; a day spent wandering streets, eating grilled cheese in cafes and talking to some of the people that make a town like Huddersfield feel like the best parts of a city.

We write a lot about cities; cities like Leeds, where we’ve printed 39 issues, a place we’ve called home for a while. We’ve published issues in London, Manchester, Sheffield, York and Liverpool, too. We’ve not been writing about those cities for as long, but we’ve come to love them like they’re a bit of our own.

Now we’re in Huddersfield, where we’ve spent long roaming days, meeting nice people and hearing stories about a place that we’ve wanted to get to know.

So let’s start with a friendly hello, Huddersfield. It’s really nice to meet you.


One of the first places we visited in Huddersfield was a street, Cross Church Street, where we could see both Parish Church and St Paul’s. We got the impression we were existing between two places, like broken teleportation, and it was fun to feel.

We broke out of space-time to make our way to the University of Huddersfield, where we met with Darren Evans and Aidan Nolan to talk about Wilson’s Republic; a networking event for the design and creative community.

“We just want to go to a really good event in Huddersfield, and we just want to listen to talented, inspiring people telling their stories,” says Darren.

We listened to Darren and Aidan tell their story; a story about growing something from the ground up and introducing design thinking into the every day.


We took a trip to Coffeevolution to drink good drinks, eat good food and talk to freelance photographer Ruth Ellen Brown about her work. Sunk into comfy basement chairs, we listened to a tale of natural light; a Georgian house; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Buckingham Palace; and Co Up, a creative co-working space in Huddersfield. A tale that begins and ends with a concern for atmosphere.

The City Talking: Huddersfield — Issue 01

Peter O’Toole is a graphic designer from Huddersfield who has works with one of the biggest sports companies in the world, adidas.

“Five years ago I couldn’t have imagined any of this,” he says. “I can only imagine what the next five years are going to bring, if I still keep working as hard as I do.”

We talk to Peter about speaking at Wilson’s Republic, eighties lego toys, nostalgia and more than five year’s worth of work in graphic design and illustration.

The City Talking: Huddersfield — Issue 01

Once a year in Leeds we ask friends, acquaintances and strangers who we hope will become friends to fill our pages with their hopes, dreams and stories. We call this our A-Z issue, and we’ve produced versions in Manchester and Sheffield, too. It seemed like a good way for us to meet Huddersfield through some of the people that know it best, so we sent out a message to everyone we could think of, asking them what they loved about this year, and what they were looking forward to in the next. We received answers from tea shop owners, art directors, musicians, executives, bakers, illustrators, brewers and more. We hope to ask even more of you next year.

The City Talking: Huddersfield, issue 01 is out now across the town; you can find it in some of the places you might already go to feel like you’re in a city, at home.

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