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the city talking: leeds, a-z 2016 • bobby thandi

the city talking: leeds, a-z 2016 • bobby thandi


Every year in Leeds we print The City Talking A-Z issue, and every year it’s about more than just a list of what’s going to be good in 2016. It’s about exploring, on a personal level, what people in Leeds are thinking and feeling and getting excited about in their city; not a date-by-date list of events, but a person-by-person exploration of excitement.

It’s something that grows every year, as we find more people to ask, and more people who want to answer. With each edition, it becomes more expansive, more reflective and more immersive, uncovering more of the city than we’d seen or known before.


The City Talking: Leeds — Issue 33
Bobby Thandi
VP Digital, Dubit

2016 is the year virtual will become reality. VR headsets will reach significantly more consumers this year via Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive, Sony’s Playstation VR, Microsoft’s Hololens and VR Cardboard headsets that work with Apple and Android phones.

Dubit developed which is the world’s largest VR app store. We’ve already had over 500,000 downloads and expect to reach over one million by June. PBS KIDS chose Dubit to develop Kart Kingdom, a game for 6-9 year olds to learn the basics of systems thinking and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The game launched in 2015 and now has millions of players and continues to grow.

The roadmap for future development in 2016 looks very exciting and I can’t wait for the community of players to enjoy the upcoming releases! The VOD (video on demand) market is very fragmented. Kids and parents are overwhelmed by choice and suppliers of VOD content must simplify and better surface kids’ favourite brands. Dubit are working with a number of VOD clients in 2016 to help them solve this problem.



Originally published in The City Talking: Leeds, issue 33

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