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the city talking: leeds — issue 34

the city talking: leeds — issue 34


Issue 34 of The City Talking is out in Leeds now, and available free inside Friday’s edition of the Yorkshire Evening Post.

We’ve been hearing a lot of new words around the office lately. Words like agile, synergy, spike, GIT, backlog, sprint, scrum, APIs and artifacts. These are buzzwords, not unlike our aging-pal YOLO and the newly-crowned princess of SEO: millennial. 

Hey, wait! Where do you think you’re going with that cursor? These buzzwords are no ordinary buzzwords; in fact, they’re pretty special. They belong to a formative language that’s shaping our everyday interactions — with our best mates, our colleagues, our brunch and our selfies.

This progressive, creative, digital world is known as the ‘tech’ scene, and in this issue of The City Talking we’ve told some of its stories.


Natasha Sayce-Zelem calls herself a digital stumble-uponer. She’s the Head of Technology in the digital trading team at Sky, but alongside her many qualifications is a first class honours degree from the Northern Film School and a stint in music photography. “There are so many strands to digital, and so many industries are now going online,” says Natasha. We talk to her about finding female tech role models, Leeds digital sector and working at Sky.


“Leeds has got a great tech scene,” says Josh Nesbitt. And he would know – Josh spends his days advising and supporting tech teams in the city through his consultancy business, We Are Stac. He also hosts Hey! – a monthly Ted-Talk style event at the Belgrave, which puts some of Leeds tech professionals and other industry leaders on a sofa to share their stories with the city. So we decided to put Josh on a sofa in the Belgrave so he could tell us his. 


Skateboard photographer Reece Leung’s favourite use of technology is through a camera, and he’s just bought a new one. He decided to test it out on some of his new favourite skate-spots in Leeds, in a series of photos we’ve published in this month’s issue.


“Hard work and hard games,” says Simon Renshaw, after we ask him about his indie games company Laser Dog. He’s right, indie game development is hard. Creating the perfect game, the game that you want to play, means sacrifice — of reasonable working hours, a regular salary, a social life. We chat with Simon and Rob Allison about life as video game makers, GAMAYO, and defining success.


We end this month’s issue with an article by LUFC writer Moscowhite, about French graffiti artist’s Jiem Lesiropdelaru’s new mural on Kirkgate and what it feels like to stand united in despair.

The City Talking: Leeds issue 34 is free inside the Yorkshire Evening Post this Friday March 18th and some of the places you already go for free WiFi.


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