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the city talking: leeds — issue 37

the city talking: leeds — issue 37


Issue 37 of The City Talking is out in Leeds now, and available free inside Friday’s edition of the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Producer and singer-songwriter Barry White once said that disco made the consumer its star. Enter a club in the 70s, he said, and the crowd would be indistinguishable from the entertainers. The disco ball was an equalising force; dancing under spinning, reflective light — in platformed boots — transformed clubgoers into stars in a universe of LED squares.

In Leeds, on the first Friday in July, we have the opportunity to dance together under the biggest disco ball in the world in whatever footwear we like. Then, it’ll be packed away and sent somewhere else for another galaxy of dancing stars to enjoy.

The City Talking: Leeds — Issue 37

But it’s not happened without a lot of work. 348 meetings in five-and-a-half months, to be exact. And counting.

“Everyone asks me, why do you do this? And I don’t know why I do it. I don’t know why I have this connection with Leeds or why I’m so passionate about it,” says Laura Wellington of Duke Studios, co-organiser of Big Disco.

It’s her hard work, with the help of James Abbott-Donnelly and other good people in Leeds, that will have us dancing in the magic of reflected light and big dreams turned real.

The City Talking: Leeds — Issue 37

Sharing togetherness is something that happens on dance floors; it also happens on the rugby pitch. When we met Leeds Rhinos player Stevie Ward he told us about togetherness — the kind that happens on game day when your job, and identity, is to be part of a team. He also told us what happens when it’s taken away.

“In a sense, I could pinpoint why I felt how I did, because it started with my injury,” says Stevie. “But depression is something that can happen to anyone.”

We talked to Stevie about his career, about mental health, and about the injury and the depression that inspired his online magazine, Mantality.

The City Talking: Leeds — Issue 37

Tom Horton is a photographer and the co-owner of West Yorkshire Cameras, a vintage and film camera shop in the Corn Exchange.

“I’m a very slow shooter,” he says. “A roll of film will last me weeks. By the time I finish a roll I’ve forgotten what’s on it. It’s nice when I get it back; I get to revisit the niceness of doors.”

We chat with Tom about doors, windows, strong lines, shapes and getting the best shot in one go.

The City Talking: Leeds — Issue 37

We went to Liverpool one warm day to sit on a roof terrace and drink beer with artist Moara Marques.  She’s been drawing her favourite pubs in Liverpool since August 2015, transforming them into fairy tale worlds with flamingos, UFOs and human-sized pigeons.

We asked her how it happens.

“I don’t know,” she says. “Sometimes I sit outside for hours and drink and imagine.”

We were delighted with her answer, and have included several of her illustrations for you to enjoy.

The City Talking: Leeds — Issue 37

We end this issue, not with the togetherness of LUFC, but Leeds fans’ shared hope for it. Moscowhite from The Square Ball introduces us to Leeds United’s new manager Garry Monk, with a suitable illustration of Garry holding a watermelon drawn by Joe Gamble.

The City Talking: Leeds issue 37 is free inside the Yorkshire Evening Post Friday, and some of the places you love to dance.


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