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the city talking: liverpool — issue 01

the city talking: liverpool — issue 01


The City Talking: Liverpool, issue 1, is released this week in venues across the city.

When we talk to people for The City Talking, we’re usually trying to and out about a couple of simple things, with a couple of simple questions to guide us.

What are you doing? And, what’s it like living here?

And ideally, when we talk to people for The City Talking, we talk to people for whom the first answer affects the second answer, for them, and for others.

Roberto Martinez is a great example of someone whose day-to-day life affects what it’s like to live in Liverpool. Whether you support Everton or not, his decisions during the week can determine your mood for the next seven days. If you’re a blue, that’s obvious, but reds too have an eye on what Roberto’s up to; and if you’ve no interest in football you’re still surrounded by thousands of people who are passionately defined by ninety minutes on a weekly basis.

The City Talking: Liverpool, issue 1 • Roberto Martinez

In our exclusive interview, Roberto told us that managing for the next game, and for the next seven days, is only part of the job; and while winning is a big part of what drives him, he’s motivated by building for a future of wins.

“The way I enjoy management is managing like you’re going to be in the job for a hundred years,” he told us, “and you need to make decisions that you know the club is going to benefit from.” To help him make those decisions, Roberto is taking the players on a journey deep into the things that make Everton unique: its heritage, and its fans.

The City Talking: Liverpool, issue 1 • Scott Duffey

Scott Duffey isn’t one of Liverpool’s household names, but his work holds streets. Gig posters fade into the background unless they’re good enough to grab the foreground; and when they grab you, they change from adverts to artworks and join you in your home, on your wall. Running The Print Social with Abigail Sinclair, Scott doesn’t only generate his own graphic designs, but supports a community that becomes more visible as it grows stronger, that as it grows stronger, changes the look of the city.

The City Talking: Liverpool, issue 1 • Pilgrims Progress

You might have to go inside Pilgrims Progress and meet Selwyn Hyams to fully appreciate the never-be-boring / never-be-bored stamp of his antique restoration business, but its endurance in the Baltic Triangle is itself a marker of influence and change. Standing on Bridgewater Street among unevenly developed columns of new flats, Pilgrims Progress resists the idea that stepping into an old building filled with antiques should be like stepping into the past; it’s like stepping into an exquisitely curated right now filled with the best stuff found from hundreds of years. The best of it’s not for sale, because it would spoil the place to let it go.

The City Talking: Liverpool, issue 1 • Turf & White Line

Also in this issue are Turf & White Line, Ben Oldham’s search for the essence of football, which is not the same as the grass roots. When Liverpool Ladies FC line up at Manchester City Women’s Academy Stadium, it’s in a modern stadium of clean lines and padded seats, but where the core essentials of football remain the same: grass, lines, players, fans, a football.

The City Talking: Liverpool, issue 1 • Pilfered

Pilfered’s world of kitsch takes a different direction, into a world of unreality and colour that’s no so far from the front doorstep as it seems. You just have to have the imagination to dream behind the door, and the passion to make it.

The passion to make it is another thing we try to find out about in The City Talking. Pilgrims Progress is made like that because Selwyn is there, and construction is rapid in the Baltic Triangle because people like Selwyn are there; people remember gigs at Camp & Furnace because Scott Duffey made the poster; people are happy for days (or sad) because Roberto Martinez is here and he made their week. That’s why we talked to them for our first issue of The City Talking in Liverpool. We hope you enjoy reading about them.

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