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the city talking: manchester — issue 02

the city talking: manchester — issue 02


Issue two of The City Talking is out in Manchester now.

Manchester has become a disorientating city of discovery, where a frenzy of construction barriers herald another change to the streets you were just getting used to after the last frenzy.

We say it has ‘become’ a disorientating city of discovery; but hasn’t Manchester always been a bit like that?

The people we feature in our second issue are pushing the city, and the world, forward, by relying on the ways the city and the world has been pushed forward in the past.

The City Talking: Manchester, issue 2 • Doug Ward

Doug Ward is a tech entrepreneur, co-founder of TechBritain, SpaceportX, Forward Manchester, and an advisor to the government on how to support tech entrepreneurs who, Doug believes, will change the world. They need that support, too; when Doug attended a lunch in honour of Chinese President Xi Jinping the other month, it was with a wealth of thoughts about past mistakes on his mind, mistakes that took him to his mum’s sofa, his lowest ebb, and the most crucial moments of his life.

The City Talking: Manchester, issue 2 • Tin Type Trailer

In Chorlton, Michele Selway of Tin Type Trailer was wondering how to make the most of the photography degree she earned as a mature student; “It was pretty evident that people much younger than me could set up a business and be a photographer,” Michele told us, but her fascinations led her elsewhere. To Victorian tech, in fact; wet plate collodion technology, that turns each photograph, taken at festivals like Beat-Herder into a spectacle of its own.

The City Talking: Manchester, issue 2 • Tom Joy

Tom Joy is another photographer, but he seeks the spectacle in his surroundings; no matter how mundane the surface, Tom will look for depth, often from the top of an NCP car park, which is where he headed when he took his camera and his searching eye to Manchester for us.

The City Talking: Manchester, issue 2 • Trove Foods

From a library of stories and meanings about Manchester is the tale of Trove Foods in Levenshulme, taken over by Katy Saide and her husband Marcus after a woman approached her jam stall at Levenshulme Market and said her elderly mother was selling hers. That cafe is now not only a coffee hub of Levenshulme, but a bakery for the whole of Manchester, supplying fresh, organic artisanal bread that is increasingly in demand.

The City Talking: Manchester, issue 2 • Turf & White Line

Manchester City season ticket holder Ben Oldham is demanding more from football than Champions League can supply, not seeking the grass-roots world of tin sheds and mud, but the Turf & White Line essence of a photograph of Steph Houghton, captain of Manchester City and England, rising to head a ball at City’s state of the art Academy Stadium. They’re the ethereal moments that mainstream football coverage doesn’t catch, because it isn’t sought with the knowledge and love that Ben brings to the game.

That’s what has always been at the core of Manchester’s advances. Knowledge, love, and seeking for something nobody else has seen.

The City Talking: Manchester, issue 2 is out now across the city; follow your heart, and seek it out.

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