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the city talking: music in leeds, vol.1 — trailer

the city talking: music in leeds, vol.1 — trailer


This is the trailer for our new documentary, The City Talking: Music in Leeds, Vol.1.

The hour-long film will be shown for the first time in Leeds at the end of this month.

Made in partnership with the BBC, The City Talking: Music in Leeds, Vol.1, applies the storytelling sensibilities of The City Talking newspaper to a thirty-five year period when music made Leeds a city where you didn’t want to miss a note, a beat, a synth stab or a chord.

We spoke to dozens of people to find out about their experiences as music producers and music fans in Leeds, and heard hundreds of tales about the people and places that have made this an incredible place to be a music fan. We listened as themes and refrains began to emerge from the historic noise, and found the stories we wanted to tell.

The infamous excesses and the tension of The Bridewell Taxis and their charismatic frontman, Mick Roberts; the genre-defining club scene of Back to Basics and Vague, that launched the Utah Saints to whirlwind, worldwide success; the rollercoaster of the new millennium, as independent label Dance To The Radio fought to hold its grip on ¡Forward, Russia! and the Pigeon Detectives’ runaway popularity.

No music documentary can tell every story, but we think the stories in Music in Leeds go beyond changing fashions or trends, to find some truths about the ethos and ideals that have supported so much of the best music in the city: the listen-to-yourself and do-it-yourself philosophies that have been in the grain of the city’s music from punk clubs to nightclubs to international stages.

The City Talking: Music in Leeds, Vol.1 is made by The City Talking and produced by Hebe Works in partnership with the BBC; direction is by Lee and Stacey Hicken, and narration by Johnathan I’Anson.

The film is supported by Blacks Solicitors, Leeds College of Music, East Street Arts and the Leeds BID Company.

The film will premiere at Belgrave Music Hall, December 8th and be available to watch online from the 9th December.