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the city talking x star wars

the city talking x star wars


Even if you’ve never seen it. If you don’t know a Millennium Falcon from a Peregrine. Even if you don’t know what order the episodes are supposed to be in or who is whose father. If you don’t know which one is Luke and which one is Han, or whether R2D2 is the short one like a bin or the tall one left over from Wizard of Oz. Even if you don’t know what Princess Leia is the princess of, and can never remember Queen Ami-whosit’s name.

Even then. You still know. You’ve still seen an Ewok. You know what noise a lightsaber makes. You might have sat through every movie bored to tears or never seen a minute, but you’ve still had a sore throat and done a Darth Vader impression.

Star Wars is, was and continues to be enormously influential, whether we wake up every morning under a Darth Maul bedspread, or just think we know somebody who might.

It’s a bit of a lazy question, but whenever we speak to an artist or a designer, we try to steer the conversation around to their influences. Sometimes we’ll try and make it local; does working in Leeds inspire you? That sort of thing.

With the new Star Wars movie due in the next few weeks (this will be Episode VII: The Force Awakens), we followed a hunch and asked ourselves a different question. We thought about how massive Star Wars is, how people in every street will be talking about the new movie, about the thousands of people in Leeds alone who will be going to the cinemas; and we thought about some of our favourite artists and designers, and wondered: ‘Do you think they like Star Wars?’

The City Talking x Star Wars • by The Curious Machine aka Jamie Salmon

The City Talking x Star Wars • by The Curious Machine aka Jamie Salmon

“Yes!” said Tula Lotay, founder of Thought Bubble Festival and the artist behind the Supreme: Blue Rose comics. “Yes!” she said, then, “What was the question? No, never mind, I don’t care. Yes!”

We’d actually asked if Tula liked Star Wars, and if so, would she like to produce some original Star Wars art for The City Talking, and her yes was so emphatic that when we asked if she could think of anybody else who might want to, she said “No. Nobody. Just me. Can I really do this?” She was a bit excited.

We were excited too when we got Tula’s drawings, and more from design agency Hungry Sandwich Club; our own designer, The Curious Machine; illustrator Joe Gamble, and street artist TONE. They’ve all been in The City Talking before, one way or another, and they’ll all be talking about Star Wars in December, along with half the rest of the city, and lots of other cities, and maybe even in a galaxy far, far away.


Originally published in The City Talking: Leeds, issue 30


Prints of The City Talking x Star Wars Leeds Skyscape by Jamie Salmon, Lee Hicken & Shang-Ting Peng, are available to buy; click here to find out how.