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white — olivia kaselampao

white — olivia kaselampao


In October 2012, The City Talking produced the first Leeds Digital Fashion Week (LDFW). The idea was to use digital platforms to tell stories from Leeds’ fashion scene. We wanted to create the right conditions for talent to stay in the city and achieve their ambitions here.

The sixth volume of LDFW takes place from 16th — 20th of October 2017. We asked a few of our favourite illustrators and photographers to make work based on the feeling of colour and to tell us about it. 

I’m Olivia, Yorkshire born and a lover of all things creative. My pursuit is not necessarily of doing great illustration but instead, pursuing purposeful expressions of my creativity. I love to see beauty in the mundane of life, whether it is how a reflection falls upon rippling water or simply a fantastically symmetrical love heart on the top of my flat white.

It was a bit of a challenge to show the feeling of the colour white without the piece looking like a piece of white printer paper. I wanted the image to be strong yet hold the feeling of the brand and the colour. I also didn’t want to go straight to an obvious monochrome black and white image which is why I went with the soft beige and strong navy background.

I chose COS because of the simplicity of the brand and its functional yet considered design. To me, this emits the feeling given by the colour white. White, alike to this brand, frames objects with subtle distinction. The colour and the brand fit perfectly!


Originally published in The City Talking: Fashion, Vol. 2

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